Ready? Set, Swap! How to Customize the Weekly Standard Box

Go to and login to your account with your email address and password

Next, click on the shopping basket in the upper right hand corner of your screen. (You'll likely see a number 1 inside, indicating that the Standard Box is loaded there, waiting for you to customize!)

Then click the Customize Box + link to be taken to the customization page

You are now on the customization page! On the right you will see "WHAT'S INSIDE THE STANDARD BOX," this lists all of the items in the box for the week. On the left you will see all the items available to swap - items already in the box will be listed first in their category (shown in yellow)! Note: this area scrolls! Scroll up and down within this area to see all items included.

Use the minus (-) buttons to remove a particular item from your box. Use the plus (+) buttons to add items to your box or to increase the quantity of an item already included! Each category will have a maximum number of products allowed.

For example, in the screenshot above you can see that there are 3 items allowed in Bronze, 7 items allowed in Silver, and 3 items allowed in Gold. If you try to go over the allowed number of items, a pop-up message will notify you that you've reached the maximum for that category. 

When you're finished customizing, double check to make sure the "ITEMS LEFT TO ADD" is listed as "0." If a number greater than zero is listed here, you still have more items you can add before hitting the maximum!